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The Buddhist Geeks Conference
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Not Your Normal Buddhist Conference

Discover the emerging new faces of Buddhism at the Buddhist Geeks Conference

It’s an opportunity to explore the leading-edge frontiers of Buddhism, technology, and global culture. This year’s gathering brings together luminaries in the fields of Buddhism, science, philosophy, education, business, politics, and more. Participants will explore how the dharma is co-evolving with modern insights and trends to change our lives—personally and globally—in extraordinary and unexpected ways.

As Buddhist Geeks co-founder Vincent Horn describes it: “Some Buddhist events can be boring and predictable and tend to draw on the same group of speakers again and again. When we launched the conference last year, we wanted to create one with a completely fresh and innovative format, in which we could explore new topics in new ways. Feedback was very enthusiastic. This year’s conference in Boulder, Colorado, will build on what people liked the best from last year, while adding exciting new elements. We hope you’ll be joining us!”

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Featured Speakers

Lama Surya Das: American Lama
Amber Case: Cyborg Anthropologist
Stephen Batchelor: Buddhist Author
Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel: Teacher and Author
Matt Flannery: Kiva.org CEO
Martine Batchelor: Teacher and Author
Michael Stone: Buddhist Activist
Daniel Ingram: Practical Dharma Teacher
Willoughby Britton: Contemplative Scientist
Ken McLeod: Teacher – Executive Coach
Tami Simon: Sounds True CEO
Rohan Gunatillake: Meditation Entrepreneur
Stuart Davis: Bodhisattva Rocker
Vincent Horn: Buddhist Geek
Robert Spellman: Contemplative Artist
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What past attendees are saying

“The inaugural conference had incredible energy!”

“After spending over 35 years in the business world and often attending various conferences, I’d say the Buddhist Geeks Conference was one of the best I’ve ever attended.”

“Stunned, floored, amazed by how wonderful it was, especially for a first-time event.”

In the Press

“What's a Buddhist Geek? It's someone with an interest in technology and Buddhist wisdom who wants to figure out how to use technology to reinvent a thousands-year-old spiritual practice to be more accessible, more relevant and easier to integrate into our lives.” - Wired

“Geekery could bring a radical heart and soul to the 21st century.” - The Guardian

“It's become a community, maybe even a sangha. And there's no app for that.” - Tricycle

“Vincent Horn is representative of a new kind of American Buddhist: young, U.S.-born converts who have intertwined their religious practice with a certain 21st century techie sensibility.” - Los Angeles Times

“Call it the new New Age. Fifteen years after Steve Jobs first extolled the beauty of a beginner's ability to think without preconceptions, the business world is more enamored than ever with ancient Eastern principles. As this L.A. conference helps attendees find inner peace, five business leaders share how they're bringing mindfulness — sati in Buddhist terms — back to the workplace.” -FastCompany

“[T]hese Buddhist Geeks are epically smart, truly engaged professionals who are genuinely concerned about the future of compassion, awareness and enlightenment.” - LA Weekly