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Emerging Women

A FREE, Four-day Video Event to Empower Women Around the World.

Please consider donating to support our broadcast and making this available to women all over the world. Fifty percent of all donations will go to Roya Mahboob and her efforts to bring technology to girls and women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.


Brilliant Women Creating Change in the World

Emerging Women is for women leaders and entrepreneurs who share a vision to change the world by living the truth of who they are. These are women who are burning with desire to fully express themselves through the work they do while promoting a new paradigm of success that leverages the incredible power of the feminine: connection, intuition, receptivity, sensuality, and heart.

Free Stream Access

Emerging Women invites you to join us for the FREE* stream of our main event in Boulder, Colorado. By offering this opportunity, we hope to empower people everywhere to connect to this emerging movement and make change in your own communities through the work that you do. Our speakers will cover many areas of the “emerging” process such as inspiration, creativity, courage, and personal voice, and we will also dive into the nuts and bolts of starting, scaling, or leading a business in today’s tech-savvy marketplace. Ultimately, the aim of Emerging Women is to promote the rise of women across the globe—to create a world where we women have a strong voice and can fully participate in the creation of our future in all areas of life.

Speakers at Emerging Women include:

  • Alanis Morissette—Keynote & Interview
  • Sobonfu Somé—Closing Ritual
  • Tami Simon—Main Keynote
  • Kelly McGonigalKeynote: The Science of Change
  • Tara Sophia Mohr—Keynote: Playing Big: The Work of Our Time
  • Kristin Neff—Keynote: Self-compassion vs. Self-esteem: How Being Kind to Yourself is More
    Powerful than Building up Your Ego
  • Sera Beak—Keynote: Soul Fire: It’s Time to Burn, Baby, Burn
  • Claire Zammit—Keynote: Feminine Power
  • Kelly Palmer—Panel: Game Changers—How Women Leaders Are Reinventing “Work” and the Workplace
  • Melissa Daimler—Panel: Game Changers—How Women Leaders Are Reinventing “Work” and the Workplace
  • Debra Bednar—Panel: Game Changers—How Women Leaders Are Reinventing “Work” and the Workplace
  • Kathrin O’Sullivan—Panel: Game Changers—How Women Leaders Are Reinventing “Work” and the Workplace
  • And many, many more!

Join us for what is sure to be the most impactful and transformational event for women leaders today!

Please note: The stream will only include the speakers from the main stage; it will not include workshops, Power Circles, networking dinners, morning practices, and main stage entertainment.

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