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What Comes After Proof of Heaven?

What Comes After Proof of Heaven?

A Conversation with Eben Alexander, MD

A FREE Online Event

Join Dr. Eben Alexander—esteemed neurosurgeon and bestselling author of Proof of Heaven—for this special online event where he will share the profound discoveries he made during his 2008 near-death experience. In addition, Dr. Alexander will speak about the use of brain state-changing acoustic technology to access our own sacred insights, in effect discovering our own proof of heaven. This exciting conversation with Dr. Alexander will be moderated by Sounds True founder, Tami Simon.

Insights from a Doctor’s Experience of the Afterlife

Can science and spirituality co-exist? Are we more than we appear to be in this physical universe? Does any part of us survive death? Is there a God? Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Proof of Heaven, was certain the answer to these questions was “No,” until something he had thought was impossible happened to him: a transcendental near-death experience. While in a near-fatal coma, Dr. Alexander entered a realm of unconditional love and profound awareness of the nature of the universe, populated by angelic beings and a resonant, omnipotent, and omniscient presence that he called “Om.” This radiant state of total acceptance of who we are, says Dr. Alexander, is our birthright, and we can tap into it from this earthly plane. Now fully recovered and determined to share his experience with the world, Dr. Alexander offers a free conversation about his journey and its implications for our understanding of ourselves and our world.

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