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Spiritual Awakening: A Radical Shift in Identity

FREE video stream with Adyashanti

More and more people are waking up spiritually—and finding the experience unsettling and disorienting. According to Adyashanti, the author of The End of your World and Falling into Grace, this is because true awakening is nothing short of a radically transformational shift in identity.

Join us for a FREE video stream of Adyashanti’s keynote from the opening night of the Wake Up Festival, and share with viewers around the world a part of our very special event.

An on-demand streaming edition is now available!

Our opening keynote with Adyashanti brings us into the presence of this insightful teacher to explore the total reorganization of the way we perceive life that so many of us are beginning to experience on our own path. Adya (as he’s commonly called by his students) will discuss the indispensable qualities of awakening: sincerity, one-pointedness, and courage; common pitfalls and cul-de-sacs people experience after an initial glimpse of awakening; what it means to “take the backwards step”; the unique expression of our individual sense of freedom that he calls “true autonomy”; and a special guided meditation to point us toward the awakened state.

As part of his presentation, Adya will be joined in dialogue by Sounds True publisher Tami Simon.